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Who is EJ?

EJ is Ed Jacobs, the Owner/CEO of EJ the DJ since it’s birth in 1985.

Do you carry the insurance required for my venue?

Yes. Every venue requires a “Certificate of Liability” (insurance policy). Certificates can be supplied upon request.

How long do meetings usually take?

A typical meeting lasts from a half hour to 45 minutes. We do no-obligation in office and in house appointments. If you can’t get to us, we come to you! Fill out our contact form to get more information.

Do you have references?

Yes. References are available upon request for your area, venue, MC, etc.

Do you have different packages?

Yes. We have packages designed for every type of event. Our event planners will be happy to assist you in putting a package together that is right for you.

Do you put the MCs name on the contract?

Yes. Your deposit reserves a specific MC for your event.

What does the MC wear? What about other entertainers?

The MC wears a black tuxedo. Any other entertainers will wear all black, appropriately. Specific outfits themed to your event are available upon request.

Can we see you perform live at an event?

Most catering facilities as well as clients object to this. You will be able to view an MC at the type of event you are having on DVD. Our MCs are happy to speak with you over the phone as well.

What type of equipment does your DJ use to mix?

Our DJs are all computer based. We use MP3 software interfacing with CD players. Your music will NEVER skip again! Sound systems vary depending on the size of the venue.

Am I required to feed the crew?

No. Our entertainers do not eat at your event.

What happens if equipment breaks, car trouble, staff emergencies?

Our DJs are also trained audio/video technicians and are capable of trouble-shooting and fixing any piece of equipment we use. We have a production manager on call 24/7 to take care of any situations that may arise. This includes car trouble, family emergencies, equipment problems, extreme weather, etc.

What time do you arrive at the event?

We typically arrive at an event no later than one hour before cocktail. In the event of larger set-ups, we will leave more time.

Will I be able to speak with/meet my MC?

Yes. You can speak with your MC before you book if you like. As we get closer to your event, you will either sit down with your MC or conference over the phone to go over “finals” or the details of your event. This includes music requests, MC interaction, introductions, etc.

Do certain MCs work with certain DJs/entertainers?

No. Our DJs and entertainers are all interchangeable.