EJ Wedding Productions creates memories that you will cherish forever.

We create the wedding of your dreams by paying close attention to detail and by treating you, the client, as an individual.


When it comes to setting the tone for your event, entertainment steps onto center stage. Musical entertainment is only the beginning. Card dealers, fire eaters, belly dancers, snake charmers, and contortionists are just some of the talented people we can provide.


Our multi-media and visual experts produce some of the finest lighting and video presentations in the industry. Using a combination of LEDs and intelligent lighting, we can change the entire atmosphere of your party with the push of a button. Work one on one with our designers to coordinate all of your lighting and video needs.

Dance Floors

The epicenter of your event. We offer several options to get your guests involved and dancing all night long. Choose from a White Dance Floor, Hologram, Parquet, or Checkered.

Videography and Photography

Let EJ the DJ’s video and photo production department handle all of your multimedia needs. Our video and photography department will capture every moment of your special event in High Definition.

Photo Booths

Memorable party favors. A unique and fun way for your family and friends to remember your wedding amongst all the others. We can also include props, scrapbooks, and custom frames.

Custom Signage & Decor

The event’s atmosphere leaves a lasting impression on your guests. At EJ the DJ, we help you decorate your night with the most modern and unique pieces that will leave a lasting impression on you and your guests.


After Party

Keep the party going. Any bride and groom can tell you that their wedding ended quicker than the months it took to plan, but why bring the blissful day to an end? Instead, let EJ The DJ extend your event with some creative options to keep you and your guests celebrating all night long.